4 Important Care Tips For The Rolex Owner

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Over the years, the Rolex watch has become a symbol of status and prestige -- not only because the watches carry a hefty price tag, but because they are the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship. If you have purchased such a watch, you need to put your best foot forward when caring for it. This will let you keep the watch in great condition for a lifetime, maintaining its brilliance and your pride in ownership. To keep your Rolex looking great and operating at its best, follow the tips below. 

Keep Your Rolex As Clean As Possible

If you're going to wear a Rolex watch, it is important that you keep it clean so that it lives up to the standards set forth by the manufacturer. When dealing with a watch that is waterproof, using a simple lukewarm water and soap solution will allow you to get rid of dirt and debris that may have built up. If the watch is not waterproof, keep a cleaning solution handy in addition to a brush or soft cloth. Just as importantly, always wash your hands thoroughly and keep your arms free of oils that build up over time. This dirt and oil will only wear your watch down.

Don't Be Scared To Wear Your Rolex

Believe it or not, wearing your Rolex watch on a regular basis of the most important thing from a maintenance standpoint. When your watch is always stashed away, the interior components will harden and wear down the watch from the inside out. Wearing the watch regularly will allow you to keep the Rolex in excellent condition while also helping you catch any issues that might need repair.

Learn How To Care For Your Rolex While Wearing It

When you wear your watch, there are some Rolex repair tips you need to be cognizant of to keep it at its peak. For one, never allow the Rolex to be placed on any type of rough surface. This can cause scratching and other types of damage that may be irreversible. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun whenever possible. This can cause the paint of your Rolex to fade over time. If you plan to do any type of strenuous activity, invest in a protective wristband that keeps your Rolex safe.

Keep The Watch In The Rolex Repair Shop

To get the best condition out of your Rolex watch, find a watch specialist or professional jeweler, like those at Hayes Jewelers, who can provide frequent windings and overall watch maintenance. You can do this either in the form of regular inspections or signing up for a preventative maintenance plan. Either way, keeping the watch in the shop periodically will always allow you to get the best possible performance and condition.

Follow these tips so that your Rolex is always a shining symbol of pride that is both beautiful and functional.