Three Tips For Caring For Your Jewelry

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Your favorite pieces of jewelry can be items that you cherish enough to want to pass through your family for generations. However, this will require you to ensure that these items are properly maintained, and this is a task that many people may neglect. To help you avoid damaging your jewelry, you should make sure to use these three storage and care tips.

Keep The Temperature And Humidity Stable

Temperature and humidity can have extremely damaging effects on your jewelry. Excessive humidity can lead to your jewelry developing corrosion and discolorations. Fortunately, you can help to prevent this problem by placing humidity control pads in the jewelry box. These pads contain a moisture absorbing substance, such as silica gel, which will help to prevent condensation from forming.

Unfortunately, drastic temperature changes can also cause serious problems for your jewelry. This occurs because it may degrade the adhesives that hold the gems in place. As a result of this threat, you should make sure to keep these items inside your home or if you are needing to store them, make sure to use a climate controlled storage unit.

Prevent The Pieces From Rubbing Together

While a jewelry box in your bedroom can be a convenient and safe option for storing your jewelry, you should make sure to avoid allowing these pieces to rub together. If these pieces of jewelry rub against each other, it is possible for the gemstones to cause serious scratches on the precious metals or stones. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by making sure to cover each piece of jewelry before putting it in the box. To this end, a small plastic bag can be a highly effective option. These bags will allow you to keep your jewelry safe from this problem while still being able to quickly find the items you are wanting.

Have The Jewelry Professionally Serviced

Despite taking excellent care when storing your jewelry, it will still be necessary to have it regularly serviced by an experienced jeweler. This is especially true for items of jewelry that you regularly wear. Over time, wearing your jewelry can expose it to a higher risk of scratching as well as damaging the adhesives or pins that hold the gemstones in place. By having the jewelry serviced, you can ensure that any minor scratches will be buffed out, the adhesive inspected and the support pins straightened. Ideally, you should consider having this work done every few years to help ensure that your jewelry always looks it best.

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