Add A Couple Coins To A Homemade Charm Bracelet

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If you are an avid coin collector, add a couple of your favorite coins to a homemade charm bracelet by completing the steps below. The finished piece of jewelry will look great with casual or business wear and will showcase the coins that mean the most to you.


​Attach A Lobster Claw Clasp And Split Rings

Wrap a tape measure around your wrist. Add a couple inches to the measurement and purchase a metal chain link meant for jewelry making that is the same length. Use a pair of jewelry pliers to bend a metal split ring so that it is slightly open. Insert one end of the metal split ring through the opening of a lobster claw clasp and the opening at one end of the chain. Close the rings with a pair of jewelry pliers. Use the pliers to bend another metal split ring. Attach the ring to the opposite side of the chain. Close the ring carefully with the pliers.

Secure Charms And Add The Coins To Holders

Slightly bend several metal split rings. Insert each one through a charm that is being added to the bracelet. Connect the rings and the charms to the links on the bracelet, spacing them out evenly. Secure the rings with a pair of jewelry pliers. Place the coins that are being added to the charm inside of coin holders that are designed to be added to jewelry.

There are several, different types of coin holders available. Some have a clear coating on them that will protect coins from getting wet. Most styles have a small opening on one end of them that can be secured to jewelry pieces. The holders that you select will come with directions that explain how to secure coins inside of them. 

Attach The Coins To The Bracelet

Connect a split ring to the opening in each coin holder. Secure the holders to the charm bracelet by using the same method that was used to attach the charms. Put the bracelet on and secure the lobster claw clasp to the ring that is attached to the opposite end of the bracelet. Show off your new creation with pride. Exchange the coins that are attached for different ones in your collection if you ever want to change the appearance of the bracelet.

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