Looking For A Mother's Day Gift? Try One Of These 3 Jewelry Ideas

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Mother's Day is coming up quickly, and if you're looking for a special gift for the mom in your life (whether it's your own mother or the mother of your children), consider one of these three ideas.

1.) Select stacking rings.

Stacking rings are trending right now—but they also make a nice twist on the traditional mother's ring, which typically is one ring set with colored stones for each child or member of the family. Instead of one ring with several stones, buy a single, unique ring to represent each child. Use a mix of delicate band styles in order to make stacking the rings easier.

If you like, you could have the rings set with small birthstones, which would let the wearer combine them in an asymmetrical fashion for a bold look. If she prefers something more subtle, she can separate the rings out and wear them on different fingers. Stackable rings can be purchased in gold, silver, or even mixed metals, allowing for further individualization and making it easier to accommodate different price points.

2.) Go with moonstones or opals.

You could also opt for jewelry with a stone that is, itself, highly symbolic of the moon and motherhood. The moon has long been associated with fertility, pregnancy, women, and motherhood. If you like the idea of paying homage to that ancient notion, look for jewelry made with either moonstones or opals.

Moonstones are a type of semi-precious feldspar. They come in a range of colors, but the ones commonly used in jewelry are pale white, pale blue, or those with a rainbow cast. They're highly prized for their refractive properties, which makes them seem to glow with an inner fire. The value of the moonstone also tends to increase with its refractive properties—the more luminous and vibrant the stone, the higher the price. Since the pale metal seems to subtly enhance the gem's sheen, moonstones are typically set in silver. This makes even high-quality moonstone jewelry very affordable on a modest budget.

Opals, on the other hand, can be found set in either gold or silver, but they're generally very expensive. They're considered one of the six precious gemstones on the planet. Opals are valued according to their "fire" or the play of colors visible in them. Because true opals are expensive and delicate, make sure that you buy opal jewelry through a jewelry store that offers a warranty on the item. Opals are relatively soft stones (ranking only between 5.5 to 6.5 out of 10 on the Mohs' hardness scale), so you don't want to invest a lot of money into a stone only to have it break a few months later. A warranty will help protect your investment.

3.) Give personalized bracelets.

Personalized bangle bracelets also play up the trend toward stackable jewelry with individual flair. Silver bangles or delicate cuff bracelets can generally be had at a budget-friendly price. Buy a different bracelet to represent each one of the recipient's children. Consider having each child pick out a bracelet with a quote or saying engraved on it that reflects that child's personality or sentiments, such as

You can find many bracelets with similar sayings already engraved, but many jewelry stores will also engrave them for a small fee. You might also want to consider having the name of each child engraved inside the bracelet that he or she chose.

For more ideas on what to find the wonderful mother in your life, talk to your local jeweler like one from Rodgers Diamonds. He or she can probably give you some fresh ideas that go well beyond the ordinary.