How To Keep Your Engagement Ring

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When you first get your engagement ring, you vow to protect it and never take it off. Or at least, if you take it off, you think you will be oh so careful with it. Of course, familiarity does tend to breed, if not contempt, at least carelessness. As a result, many people end up losing their most precious piece of jewelry. Even if you have insurance, you can never get your special ring back. The best solution is to protect your engagement ring at all times. 


One of the worst things you can do is wearing your engagement ring while swimming. Although you may hate to ever remove it, the coldness of the water can cause your tissue to temporarily shrink and your ring to slip off. Even if you do not lose your ring, the chlorine is harmful to the ring's setting. Your gold or platinum band can be seriously discolored.


You should leave your ring behind when you travel. If you are going to be gone for some time, this step may be difficult for you, but traveling raises your risk of losing many items, including your jewelry. If you are flying, your hands may swell, causing you to remove your ring due to discomfort. Since you do not have your usual jewelry box or another safe place for storage, it is easy to misplace your ring or have it stolen. Taking your ring with you is simply not worth the risk.


When you first got your ring, you should have had it properly sized so that it would not slip off your finger accidentally. Over time, you may have either gained or lost weight. Either circumstance can lead to you losing your ring. If it's too tight, you may take it off during the day and slip it in your purse or some other unsafe place. If your ring is loose, it can easily slip off. If the weight gain is temporary, such as with a pregnancy, you should safely put it away until your weight stabilizes. If the weight change is long-term, you need to have the ring resized. 

Protecting your engagement ring from loss means taking certain precautions. In truth, you cannot wear your ring at all times. Sometimes, the best place for your engagement ring is locked up at home. When it fits well and the circumstances are right, wear it proudly. Otherwise, wait until you know it's safe. To learn more, contact a company like Rinehart Brothers Jewelers