Four Pieces Of Jewelry Every Modestly Dressed Woman Needs In Her Closet

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Being modest doesn't mean being without glamor. Wearing longer sleeves and longer hemlines actually gives you the chance to tie the outfit in with a few accessories that make the outfit pop. If you tend to dress modestly, but you want to add a little flair, or if you want to surprise your modest loved one with some jewelry, here are four jewelry pieces that every modest woman should have in her wardrobe. 

Teardrop earrings

Whether you are wearing a long, formal dress or a long pair of pants and a cardigan, a pair of teardrop earrings can help you to look like a princess. If you tend to wear neutral colors, go with a colored stone, such as emerald teardrop earrings. If you wear colorful clothing or lots of patterns, go with diamond or light blue sapphire earrings to match the majority of your wardrobe. Investing in high-quality diamond in white gold teardrop earrings means that you can hand them down to future generations.

Floating necklace

One of the best things about making a floating necklace is that this piece can be made for an inexpensive manner compared to other pieces of jewelry. You can take a stone of your choosing from a ring or other piece of jewelry and have it set into a clasp setting. To help with the floating aspect, you can purchase a thin gold chain of your personal selection. Sit the necklace up high on the neckline to draw attention up towards your face. 

A fancy hair comb

Fancy combs serve double duty. They can give your updo an upgrade for formal events. They can also be passed down and act as a modest twist on tiaras during weddings. A golden comb or a comb made of metal and decorated with a few jewels is a unique piece that will be admired by those who see it. Have the teeth of the comb created in a way that can easily fit into your hair without being so thin that it will snag or pull the hair strands. 

Brooch with sentimental design

If you want a piece of jewelry that you can wear every day aside from a wedding ring, you should get a brooch. The brooch can be a faith symbol or it can be a design of sentimental value, such as your favorite flower or an animal whose qualities you enjoy. Get a quality brooch of a lasting metal such as silver, with real or man made precious stones included in the design.