Wearing Costume Jewelry With Flair: Making The Most Out Of Your Jewelry Budget

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When you love to wear jewelry, but you can't afford to buy every piece you want, costume jewelry can make a big difference in your overall collection. Pieces from House of Harlow look great, and they are high quality. Not all costume jewelry is created equal, but House of Harlow is made to last. From bangles to earrings and rings, you can find the perfect piece of costume jewelry without blowing your entire jewelry budget. You can save up for the more expensive jewelry while still getting a new piece once in a while when you choose to mix up your collection with both costume and fine jewelry.

Make a Bold Statement

One of the best aspects of costume jewelry are the often bold designs used in the creation of the jewelry. When you want to make an outfit pop, finding the perfect accent jewelry is the key. Whether you choose a wide, sparkly bangle or a beautifully crafted necklace, you have plenty of options for going bold when it comes to costume jewelry. While you may love diamonds and sapphires, a well-made bracelet with rhinestones can create the effect you are going for.

Mix Up Your Jewelry

While a nice set of diamond earrings and a matching necklace are beautiful, this can get boring over time. You can mix up your expensive earrings with a costume jewelry necklace, bringing new life to your earrings. When you don't want to wear the same set every day, consider wearing some costume jewelry mixed with your more traditional pieces.

Costume Jewelry that Lasts

Costume jewelry has come a long way, and it can be difficult to figure out if a piece is fine jewelry or costume. Take a careful look at the piece you want to buy, and consider the manufacturer. Some costume jewelry makers create jewelry that will look great for decades, and you can consider a piece of costume jewelry a wise investment. There's no point in bothering with a piece that will tarnish in a few weeks, but costume jewelry can last a long time.

Saving Up for the Gold

When you are trying to save up for a special piece of gold jewelry, you can stay within your budget by buying only a few small pieces of costume jewelry. Saving up for a fine piece of jewelry can be done pretty easily when you are careful about the pieces of costume jewelry that you buy.