Three Awesome Things About Taking A Watch Into A Jeweler's For Repairs

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Not many people have a watch with actual moving parts anymore. Those that do have a watch typically have a digital one. If you have an old school watch with moving parts, or you have a very expensive designer watch that was given to you as either a gift or your inheritance, you may find that you have to take it into a jewelry shop for repairs on a regular basis. Here are three awesome things about taking such a watch into a jeweler's for watch repair services. 

You Can Find out If the Watch Was Ever Stolen

Some higher-end watches come with serial numbers to register them in case of theft. Makes perfect sense when you consider what those watches cost and what they are worth. When you take a watch of that caliber into a jewelry store for repairs, you can find out if it was ever reported stolen to the manufacturer. The manufacturer actually puts a trace on the watch's serial number in the event that it was reported stolen. The history of the watch is recorded this way so that it can be returned to the owner that reported it stolen.

If You Got the Watch New, You Can Register It in Your Name

Most gift recipients who get a watch as a present do not realize that A) they can register the watches in their names, and B) the buyer does not usually register the watch because he/she bought the watch as a gift. The first time you take the watch into a jeweler's to have it fitted and sized, you can register it with the jeweler. Then you can keep track of all of its repairs, battery replacements, and thefts and returns, should the latter ever occur. 

If the Watch Was Part of an Inheritance, You Can Find out What It Is Worth

If the watch was part of your inheritance, a jeweler can actually tell you what it is worth. Just as an example, some of the original Rolexes from decades ago are now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! You really do not know what dear old dad or mom has left you until you have it appraised, restored, and re-registered to you. Ergo, it is worth it to take it into a shop and have a jeweler check it out. Repair bill aside, would you not want to know what you have in your watch box?

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