3 Things To Love About Labradorite

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Jewelry has remained one of the most sought-after fashion accessories throughout history. The stones that are included in the design of a jewelry piece can add a unique and colorful element to any outfit.

Most people are familiar with precious stones like diamonds and rubies, but there are many other gemstones that can be just as lovely when cut, polished, and placed in the right setting. Labradorite is one of these gemstones.

The more you learn about labradorite, the more apt you are to fall in love with this stone.

1. Labradorite Has a Storied History

The history of the labradorite stone is a storied one.

Inuit legend tells of the Northern Lights being trapped in a mountain and being set free by an Inuit warrior striking the mountain with his spear. The brilliant blues, reds, and greens seen in labradorite as light refracts within the stone are believed to be remnants of the Northern Lights.

The stone gets its name from the area in which it was first discovered (Labrador, Canada), but variations can be found in Mexico, Russia, and Finland. 

2. Labradorite Has Unique Geological Features

Labradorite is a part of the feldspar family of minerals. What sets labradorite apart from other feldspar minerals is the unique twin lamellae structures that exist within the stone.

The twin lamellae structures are compatible with one another at high temperatures but not when temperatures cool. This means that as labradorite is forming, separation and layering occur within the stone itself as temperature fluctuations change the compatibility of the twin lamellae.

The iridescent colors that labradorite is known for are a result of light waves traveling at different speeds through the layers in the stone. The intensity of the iridescence displayed by most labradorite has even led to the assignment of a unique moniker for the brilliant display — labradorescence.

3. Labradorite Is Associated With the Metaphysical

The use of crystals and other stones in the healing process is a common practice in most metaphysical circles. Many people believe that all stones have a certain energy that can interact with the body to achieve specific goals.

Labradorite is highly sought after for its perceived metaphysical properties. Known to be a stone of transformation due to the varied colors within the stone, wearing labradorite may have the ability to help you temper negativity and strengthen your own will and resolve.

Labradorite is also said to have powerful healing properties that can help you regain energy throughout the day.

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