Has The Time Come To Propose Marriage To Your Sweetheart?

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If you are ready to ask your sweetheart to marry you, does that mean you already bought her engagement ring? If so, there's no need to keep reading. Or, it might be that you are ready to shop, but you aren't sure of what kind of ring to buy. If that's true, then you've come to the right place. Keep reading for some ideas that might be a big help.

Are You Looking For A Diamond Ring? 

If your partner is a traditional individual, that probably means that they will love an engagement right with diamonds as the focal point. There are certainly many choices for you to make. In addition, you'll find diamond rings that will fit your budget.

One idea is to select a diamond beaded ring that has small stones placed in a 14-carat gold square-shaped setting. Maybe you already know that you won't be selecting a second wedding ring to go with an engagement ring. If that's true, think about choosing a wide white ceramic band with white diamonds in a straight row down the center of the ring.

Another idea is to select a ring that has one large diamond in the middle, with two or more diamonds on each side of the center stone.

​Are You Looking For A Ring With Other Gems Stones? 

If your sweetheart loves unique jewelry, maybe you have already decided to select an engagement right that doesn't have diamonds as the focal point. For instance, a lustrous pearl as the focal point of the ring, and with small diamonds encircling it would be unique and beautiful. The same idea with your sweetheart's birthstone in place of the pearl would be another good choice. 

A wide-banded white gold or yellow gold ring with scrollwork on the sides and a pearl or your partner's birthstone in the setting would be another good choice. In fact, any ring with a wide band and a diamond or another gemstone as the design would be good if you're not buying a second ring. 

If you are still unsure about what kind of ring to select for your sweetheart, maybe it would be a good idea to go window shopping together. It will probably be very natural for your partner to point out rings that they like. Or, you might already know that your partner would love to shop for their engagement rings with you. Ask them to choose three or four rings that they love. You can return to the store later to select one out of the choices they made. That would mean that they would still be surprised at the ring they get when you pop the question.

For more ideas on engagement rings, reach out to a jewelry store in your area.