Getting Engaged Soon? 3 Ways To Learn About Her Ideal Ring

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When you find a girl that you want to make your wife, there is only one thing standing in your way: her decision about a wedding ring. While some men simply choose a ring and hope for the best, others want the perfect piece of jewelry for their future fiancée. Here are three ways to learn more about your girlfriend's ideal ring, so you can feel confident getting down on one knee. 

1. Draw Together

While it may seem silly, getting out some paper and a few markers isn't a terrible idea to see what kind of ring your girl is thinking about. Try drawing the style of ring you think she would like, and ask her what she thinks. Adjust the drawing, or ask your girlfriend to draw her own. In addition to giving you a glimpse of what kind of shape, size, and cut of diamond she is looking for, some jewelers even create custom pieces, and you can take her drawing in for a reference photo. 

2. Look At Celebrity Rings Online

There's always someone famous getting engaged, and sometimes their engagement ring selections set the tone for what women want in a ring for decades. To get some ideas about the look and style of ring your girlfriend might like, check out celebrity wedding rings online together. Ask her what she likes about the ones she points out, and pay attention to what she says about the ones she doesn't like. If possible, take notes, so you can use this information to guide your choice in the jewelry shop. 

3. Tour Online Jewelry Showrooms

It is always easiest to see examples of jewelry settings up-close and personal, but if you are short on time, the web can help. Check out online jewelry showrooms to see examples of settings, stone sizes, metal materials, and accents. If you find one you like, take a screenshot of the ring or bookmark the product, so you can either order it or find something similar. Ask your girlfriend to continue to look online for rings she likes, and to share those images with you on a continual basis. 

After you have the perfect ring in hand for the big day, take a few minutes to relax before you head out on one of the most memorable nights of your life. Remember to relax, stay calm, and focus on what's really important--being with the person you love. Keep these tips in mind when you visit a wedding ring store.