Some Helpful Tips For Designing An Engagement Ring

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Some people are happy about going to the jewelry store and finding the perfect engagement ring to propose to their partner with. Then, there are other people who don't see anything at the jewelry store that they would be proud to present their partner with. The latter group may do best by designing their own engagement ring. There are also people who choose to design an engagement ring simply because they know exactly what they want and it's a ring that's going to be personalized with their own special touch. Learn more about designing an engagement ring by finishing this article. 

Start by deciding on the materials

You may find it easiest to design your own engagement ring by first determining what materials you want to be used. This means choosing between yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, sterling silver, platinum, titanium, or another type of metal. Keep in mind that you can use more than one type of metal in your design. 

You also want to decide on the gemstones. Most engagement rings include diamonds, as they are very appealing to most people. You should at least consider using one diamond as the main stone in the design if you are concerned about keeping the ring traditional. You may also want to choose a diamond if you want your engagement ring to look classic and expensive. However, you can use any gemstones you want in the design of the ring. You can go with ones that look good together, or you can choose gems that have a special meaning, such as your partner's birthstone and your own birthstone. 

Finish by putting it all together

Once you know which materials you are going to be using in the engagement ring, then you want to come up with the design. Take your partner's personality into account. If they love flowers, then you may want to incorporate the look of a flower into the ring. If they prefer more basic and simple things to complex ones, then you should consider this and stick with a simpler design. If they like things big and flashy, then you want to keep that in mind when you are designing the ring. Look at their favorite and most-worn jewelry pieces to get a real feel for what it is that they like with regard to jewelry and go with that style.

For more information about designing your own engagement ring, talk to a local jeweler that offers this service.